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Joel Larsson, Bass player Musica Vitae, Växjö.

"Mycket högklassig, noggrann och varsamt utförd renovering. Bassen svarar mycket jämnare och snabbare öover hela registret. 

Fin, nätt extension!"

Herbert Kramis, Bass player, Zürich.

"Chantal van Lierop is a very highly skilled Luthier with an exceptional ear and feeling for the double bass and its ‚fine tuning to the personal needs and satisfaction of the players.  And with her husband John - who is an exceptional classical bass player and a connoisseur of all the fine basses on the world - she is in the very comfortable situation to have the perfect team player on her side.

Together they offer a collection of well-adjusted fine basses."

Nisse Palm, Freelance Bassist and teacher, Gävle

"Chantal har alt man kan förvänta sig av en instrumentmakare/reparatör vare sig det gäller avancerade renoveringar av antika basser eller mindre lagningar/justeringar. Att hitta varje instruments egenheter och kvaliteter kräver erfarenhet, kärlek till sitt yrke och stor kunskap. Att dessutom "gå en extra mil" för att just ditt instrument ska nå full potential inger stort förtroende. Jag vill därför ge Chantal mina varmaste rekomendationer."

Paul Sutherland, Sub-Principal Double Bass RSNO, Glasgow.

"I have been very pleased with Chantal's service and general approach

to instrument maintenance. The set-up she did on my bass has improved and loosened it up really well. Also, as a dealer she supplied me with a good practise bass at a good price which is incredibly well set-up for the job intended."

Derek Hill, Bass player at the BBC SSO, Glasgow.

"I've been using Chantal for repairs, adjustments and set ups over the past few years and found all her work excellent particularly the setup on my Hawks concert bass which sounded very thin and tight and now amazingly sounds open and even across the whole range of the instrument great job!"

James Lindsay, Freelance Jazz Bassist and teacher, Glasgow.

"If I have any issues with my instrument, Chantal is always my first call and she consistently makes time to help no matter how small or large the job. Her work is always immaculate and my bass always comes back playing and sounding better than before. As well as this Chantal is a fast & efficient worker meaning I'm never without an instrument too long, essential for a full-time working musician."

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Adam Nätt, Freelance Bass player and music teacher, Eskilstuna.

"In 2017 I bought two excellent double basses at Van Lierop Bowed Instruments.

Since our first meeting I have experienced that Chantal has an incredible care and joy for instruments and costumers.

Chantal is easy to deal with and I believe she has an incredibly good understanding of the double bass.

In her workshop you can find a large variety of instruments in different price ranges, suitable for bass players in all genres and skill levels."