"Showroom" for double-basses and bows

English based, labeled Preston, approx. 1840

String lenght: 109     

Lenght top: 112

Width upper bout: 53

Width centre bout: 38

Width lower bout: 70.5

Depth of the ribs: 18.5 vs 20.5


We stock over 40 basses and bows. Prices start from 35.000 sek. It is our personal mission to help you find the bass that fits your needs within the price range you give us. It is almost impossible to show all the basses we have in stock as this will of course change constantly. To show what you can expect, we selected some sample basses to show on this site. 

We advise you to contact us in case you are looking for a bass. Experience shows that it is best to phone so we can exchange information needed to select basses that fit your needs. 

This beautiful bass is also available with a lion's head scroll and as a five string.

String lenght: 105         

Lenght top: 110

Width upper bout: 56

Width centre bout: 39

Width lower bout: 68.5

Depth of the ribs: 22


Viennese Bass approx. 1800

String lenght: 107         

Lenght top: 108

Width upper bout: 49.5

Width centre bout: 36.5

Width lower bout: 63

Depth of the ribs: 21.5

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