Set up, repair, full restoration

My mission

Playability and good sound production are vital with every: repair, restoration and set up adjustment. Next to this it is important that the costs for work to be done is economically justifiable. We will inform you about the value of your instrument and give you a quote on the work that you want done. We will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. Please note that in some accasions an exact quote is not possible, but rest assured that we will give you all the information you need before and during the work process.


The materials we use are from excellent quality and tested for years. These materials are especialy selected by us, based on quality and good sound production. Of course we stock seasoned repair wood. We will match the available materials to your double bass to maximize sound production.

It is hard to make a full list of the repairs we can do. Let's mention a couple the most important:

  • Improving sound production by analysing sound problems
  • Putting adjusters in bridges
  • Fixing extensions to scrolls
  • Replacing components (fingerboards, machine heads, endpins etc.)
  • Repairing cracks and other damages
  • Replacing bass bars and back braces
  • Full restorations
  • Fitting extensions
  • Etc

Valuations and certificates

There are situations where you will be in need of a valuation or certificate. Maybe your insurance company wants to have more proof of value or you want to sell your instrument and need information on price and provenance. We will provide you with information on provenance, the state of the instrument including the repairs done and the value of the instrument. In all situations we need to see the instrument and therefor it is best to make an appointment.

Replacing back brace

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